We do not hold a deposit from our customers while they have the rental car. We need to see a valid credit card on arrival, we will only hold the imprint of the card as a guarantee. If the renter does not have a credit card we do accept 16 digit number debit card.
The driver´s original and valid driving license (same applies to additional drivers). Regarding foreign drivers license: We need the license with Latin Characters as we need to be able to understand the license. Information we need are: Issuing date, expiring date, Full name, driver´s license number

A valid credit card, if the renter does not have a credit card we do accept 16 digit number debit card.

Credit card payment is the best option to pay for your rental vehicle when you book online. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, Discovery, Diners Club and JCB are valid.

The renter may also be able to book with a debit card, if you have the online payment option available on it.

The renter, or someone travelling with the renter, also needs to submit a credit card on arrival when he picks up the vehicle. We require the renters to submit credit card but if you only have debit card we accept debit cards with a 16 digit number on the front.

Included in the car rental price rate;

Unlimited mileage
24% VAT tax
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)
Gravel Protection (GP)
Theft Protection (TP)

We at BlackSheepCampers accept all foreign driver´s license as long as they are valid and can be read by our staff members (in english or at least with latin characters).

If not make sure to bring an International Driver´s License/Translation.

Minimum rental period is 62 hours.
All campers are picked up at BSI Bus Terminal. BSI Bus Terminal.

How to get here? Book your FlyBus ticket here: FlyBus.

All campers are dropped off at BSI Bus Terminal . BSI Bus Terminal.

How to get here? Book your FlyBus ticket here: Flybus

From the 1st of July 2016, a law prohibits camper vans from being parked outside the local campsites that is why we strongly recommend you to stay at camp grounds which offer restrooms etc. The campgrounds are all over Iceland and you won’t have to make a reservation beforehand.

Our friends at Visit Iceland created this interactive map with all the campsites operating all year around. Click on the pic and you will be taken to their map. They are adding new sites continuously.

Click here for campsite in Iceland.

Terms and Conditions


  1. General terms


1.1) In case of a collision or other damages to the vehicle during the rental period thw lessor needs to charge a fee equivalent of the lessees self-risk directly after the incident. The lessor will hold the amount until disputes are resolved regarding responsibilities of the coalition or damages.

1.2) By signing the Car Rental Agreement, lessee and lessor also agree to be legally bound by our Terms and Conditions. If the Car Rental Agreement appears to contradict these Terms and Conditions, the Car Rental Agreement takes precedence.

1.3) If for any reason the parties need to evaluate damages of the vehicle they agree to consult with a verified auto repair shop for evaluation of insurance claims.


  1. Driving license


2.1) Lessee needs to have a valid driving license according to Icelandic law.

2.2) Visitors, who don’t have an EU/EEA driving license or a driving license written in the Roman alphabet, need to have an international driving license issued or a notarized english translation of theirs.


  1. Method of payment, refunds & cancellation policy


3.1) Full payment for the rental of vehicles takes place when a rental request has been approved online by the owner of the vehicle.

3.2) If the lessee cancels a booking, 50% of the total fee/price will be refunded

3.3) If a total or partial vehicle breakdown occurs, resulting in a non-functioning vehicle and the lessor somehow is not cabable of getting another car for lessee the lessee must be repaid upon request for the days left of the rental period, counting from the day after the breakdown.

3.4) When a booking is made, a credit card imprint will be taken for security reasons. This credit card imprint will only be accessible and stored through our Credit Card Service Company and will only be used for security reasons or to pay any extra charges. Note that according to the Car Returning Document the car owner is also permitted to charge the extra cost upon return of the vehicle if parties agree on the amount.

3.5) The lessee agrees to pay all extra charges, parking tickets, damages, tank refills or any other costs accrued during the rental period unless otherwise stated in this document or the Car Rental Agreement.


  1. Lessee’s obligations


4.1) The lessee agrees to return all accessories of the vehicle in the same condition as they were in at the beginning of the rental period, except for normal wear and tear from normal use. If something is missing in the end of the rental period the lessee agrees to pay cost (market) price of individual items.

4.2) Generally, there are no prescribed limits on the distance the lessee may drive the rented vehicle each day.

4.3) The lessee is liable for all additional charges, such as parking meter charges and other fines for breaking traffic laws, for the duration of the leasing period.

4.4) The lessee is not authorized to use the vehicle to transport passengers for payment, lend it to others, or sublease it.

4.5) The lessee agrees to return the vehicle at the agreed date and time, according to their lease, unless they have agreed otherwise with the lessor.

4.6) If the lessee does not return the vehicle at the time specified in the lease and does not arrange to extend the rental period, the lessor may try to repossess the vehicle or declare it missing to the police at the lessee’s cost.

4.7) If the lessee returns the vehicle late, the following will apply:

  1. If the lessee is 1/3 hour – 1 hours late, the lessee agrees to be charged an amount which is equivalent a half-day rental.
  2. If the lessee is 1–6 hours late, the lessee agrees to be charged an amount which is equivalent a one day.
  3. If the lessee is 6-12 hours late, the lessee agrees to be charged an amount which is equivalent two day’s rental.
  4. If the lessee is 12-24 hours late, the lessee agrees to be charged an amount which is equivalent to three day’s rental.
  5. For every additional day thereafter (whole or part), the lessor may charge the lessee double the original list price per day.

4.8) The lessee shall return the vehicle to the pick up location or to another predefined place agreed between the parties. If the vehicle is returned to another location, the lessee agrees to be charged for any costs incurred by the lessor while collecting the vehicle.

4.9) The lessee agrees to return the vehicle with a full fuel tank. If the vehicle is not returned with a full fuel tank, the lessor is authorized to charge the lessee for refueling the vehicle. However, this only applies if the fuel tank was full when delivered to the lessee. Otherwise, the vehicle should be returned with same amount of fuel as when the rental period began.

4.10) The lessee is responsible for all damage which violates these Terms and Conditions, the Car Rental Agreement, the car owner’s insurance policy or national law. Whether there is damage to humans, animals, private properties or vehicle, including but not limited to loss caused by;

  1. Off-road driving, for example on beaches or on paths and tracks. Driving on roads F-210 and F-249. F-210 and F-249 are marked roads only suitable specialized vehicles. Under no circumstances is it approved to drive on cars from us.
  2. Damage due to negligence or gross negligence.
  3. Use of the vehicle that violates the Car Rental Agreement, these Terms and Conditions or national law.

4.11) The lessee agrees to drive the vehicle carefully.

4.12) The rented vehicle shall not be used to push, propel or tow another vehicle, trailer or any other thing without the written permission from the lessor.

4.13) The lessee must report any collisions to the lessor (and to the police, if necessary). Moreover the lessee must write a damage report. The lessee will be held responsible for any damage not reported in this way.

4.14) If the lessor must collect the rental vehicle due to a collision or another form of damage that the lessee agrees to be charged for the transport costs.

4.15) The lessee agrees to pay the lessor, upon request, any and all expenses incurred by the lessee. If the vehicle has been left somewhere without supervision, or without regard to the condition of the vehicle, the roads or the weather.


  1. Obligations of the lessor


5.1) The lessor commits to deliver the vehicle according to the agreement.

5.2) If a total or partial vehicle breakdown occurs during the rental period, the lessor shall try to provide the lessee with a comparable vehicle. If the breakdown is minor, the lessor may arrange for the vehicle to be repaired at a workshop/garage, for which the lessor must pay. If the lessor choses not to repair the car within a day, the lessee can leave the car where it is. The lessor is not responsible or obligated to provide the lessee with another vehicle if, for whatever reason, the lessee can’t use the vehicle during the term of the rental period. Refunds/repayment should be according to article 3.4.

5.3) The lessor shall inform the lessee about the rules that apply to off-road driving, as well as on which roads the lessee may drive the vehicle.

5.4) The lessor is not responsible for any property that the lessee or any other party leaves in, or transports with, the vehicle.


  1. Mandatory Insurance

6.1) The lessor commits to have mandatory vehicle insurance and accidental insurance for the drivers of the vehicle, which is included in the rental price.

6.2) The lessee is liable for damages to the vehicle and other items that might be included in the rental for an amount up to 150.000 ISK, which will be charged to the lessee’s credit card if such damages occur. Including items may include tents, caravans and shall be detailed on the car rental agreement.

6.3) If the vehicle is damaged by driving or acts that are in violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Car Rental Agreement, the car owner’s insurance policy or national law, the self-risk is repealed and unlimited even if a SCDW his included. Unlimited self risk also applies to damages caused by any of the instances mentioned in article 7.3 a)-n)

6.4) No insurance covers damage to tires and under body, as well as all damages due to water. All related costs due to such damages are charged to the lessee.


  1. SCDW


We at Black Sheep Campers, include the Super Collision damage waiver (SCDW) along with the Collision damage waiver (CDW) in our prices. A renter which only has the CDW is liable for damages amounting up to ISK 550.000 but since the SCDW is included, the maximum self risk amount is ISK 350.000 for all of our cars. We offer our customers this to provide them with more security when travelling and a more enjoyable experience.

The following damages are however always on the renters responsibility and are not covered by the CDW or the SCDW;

–              Negligence

–              Damages caused by driving into waters and rivers and when driving off-road.

–              Driving while intoxicated

–              Damage to tires, headlights, wind-screen and the underside of the car.

–              Damage caused by the wind blowing up the door.

–              Damage caused by sand and ash storm. (only applies if the renter has not opted for the SAAP insurance).

(Please see full details listed on the backside of rental agreement).

This protection includes damage to windscreen, headlights, front bumper, mirrors and the hood of the car when gravel or rocks gets thrown onto the vehicle by another car. The gravel protection (GP) is included. Self risk amount for broken windscreen is ISK 25.000.

TP covers theft of rental vehicle. (included)


This is our optional insurance which we offer and is the only insurance not included in the price.

For our customers protection we have decided to offer an insurance which covers our customers against damage due to sand and ash storm which damages the paint of the car, windows, lights and plastic. These damages can cost between 500.000 to 1.500.000 ISK to fix.

By purchasing SAAP the self risk in case of damage from sand and ash is lowered to 150.000 ISK. We offer the SAAP for only 2.000.- ISK per day.

Volcano eruptions in the past years have increased the risk of damage to the paint and windows of all cars and no insurance company will cover these damages. In high winds and dry weather the ash from the volcanos and sand in the south coast can cause huge damage to the cars and all the cost has fallen on the renter, until now. (NOT included)